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Yukon Clay Flowers

Nicole Bauberger • Ceramics, Sculpture

Working with Yukon clay, students will make pinch pots and add holes to the bottom. Nicole will bisque fire them - if your school has a kiln that's great, but she also has her own kiln. When she brings them back, students will paint them with acrylic paints. When they're dry, they will add beads on wire for the flower centres, and wire them to some kind of framework. This can be a permanent installation in the school.

The project could include a field trip for students to source the clay, depending on the season and school location. Activities would take place over at least 3 visits: 1. making the pots, 2. painting them, 3. beads with wire and installation.

Grade SuitabilityK-7
Maximum Class Size30
Time Required3-5 Instructional Time/3-5 hours Prep Time (sourcing clay, wedging, loading, firing and unloading kiln, transporting pieces to school)
Material RequiredYukon clay, acrylic paint, beads, wire, structure to attach flowers to. Nicole can provide some or all materials for a materials cost.
Material CostDependant on the size of project
Language of InstructionEnglish or French
AvailabilityNov 8-Christmas/ Feb-June

Nicole Bauberger

Nicole Bauberger is a storyteller, painter, writer and arts educator. She educated herself through collaborations and apprenticeships with other artists and loves to bring the advantages of these unique learning opportunities to schools, continuing to learn from the collaborative adventures undertaken with students. She has taught art both at the University level as well as to five year olds. For four years she created murals with students in Ontario High Schools through the Ontario Artists in Education Program. Her work can often be seen at Arts Underground and the Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery.

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