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Watercolour Class

Maeva Esteva • Painting - Watercolour

Teaching watercolour basing How to use and mix the colour several methods and fun technique to use with watercolour (wet on wet, salt, foam, texture...) - Make a final painting using the different technique we use during the class.

Grade Suitability4-12
Maximum Class Size15
Time Required1.5 hours, 2 hours prep
Material RequiredContact artist for material needs
Material Cost$150
Language of InstructionEnglish, French

Maeva Esteva

Maeva Esteva was born in 1986 in France and moved to the island of Huahine in French Polynesia at the age of 9. There she grew up in both French and polynesian cultures and built a connection with both the natural world and human nature. With the Polynesian culture she developed her own personal style of art that evolved through the years. She moved to the Yukon. 13 years ago looking for more wilderness and cold weather. She lives a simple life in an off-grid cabin where she can be surrounded by trees and wildlife ot the northern boreal forests.

She started photography and drawing to be able to share her strong connection with nature with the world. As human beings get away from their natural environment and slowly forget what we are all a part of. She has made it her purpose to make people remember this connection through her art and show them that the wilderness is still there, it is all in how you look at it and in the respect you pay for it.

I have been teaching watercolour for adults at the woman center and with l'AFY but i am really willing to teach to children or teenager as i think its really important to give the keys and opportunities to young people to express their self. As a really sensitive person i recognize how difficult it could be in childhood to express our self and i think its important that children explore new way where they could develop their creativity, imagination and express their feeling. It's also a fun and calm way to spend your time as watercolour is really relaxing but also needs to focus. I will be happy to share my knowledge with new generation.

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