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S’Not Art!

Al McKee • Mixed Mediums

Workshop Takeaways

Artistic Skills 

  • Understanding how to create transfers and develop layered/textured backgrounds on canvas and wood panels. 
  • Understanding how to tailor artistic practice to constraints of materials and budget (Make more cheap/free/eco art!) 

Coping/Self Expression Skills

  • Identifying textures and colours, and associating them with meaning and expression through art. 
  • Being an artistic explorer! 

Workshop Set-Up

Students will be presented with a menu of:

  • Items, these aren’t necessarily specific, but should be varied in texture and colour (Different fabrics and felts, steel wool, fencing, yarn, scrap paper) 
  •     Stickies, this is mod podge for transfers, or glues and tapes for attaching items to canvases, white blank stickers.  
  •     Tools, This can be an array of paint markers, permanent markers, cheap brushes.. Anything students can make marks with (Could also include wood burning equipment if deemed safe and appropriate for the age group and classroom). 

Workshop Structure: 

Students will be given a short demonstration of how to use each of the stickies and tools provided, including how to make transfers and stickers. Students will also be given the story of S’not art, essentially that snot art is everything that isn’t usually considered art, it doesn’t have to be pretty! Art can be gross and slimy and messy and chaotic and nobody can tell you it’s not art because it is art.. It’s s’not art! 

Students will be invited to make S’not art on AL! AL will be wearing a white hazmat suit and students will be invited to glue and mark directly onto the suit based on the following cues: 

  •     Make Sad snot art. 
  •     Make exciting snot art. 
  •     Make Boring snot art
  •     Make gross snot art. Etc… 


Once students are engaged and excited, they will be invited to make THEIR snot art! They will be invited to let themselves be artistic explorers and create wildly textured and abstract pieces of snot art on wood or canvas! 

AL will then put on the art critic uniform and students will be given an opportunity to share their thoughts about their creations, instead of applause, everyone will be equipped with tissues to toss in artistic appreciation! 

After cleaning up, students can either display their creations or take home their creations based on classroom needs. 

Grade Suitability1-4
Maximum Class Size20
Time Required1 to 1.5 hours, 1 hour prep
Material RequiredArtist will collaborate with schools to see what is already available and what will need to be purchased: fabric scraps, steel wool, felt, sponge, tin foil, lace, scrap paper, twine, blank stickers, glue sticks, mod podge, wax paper, Markers, crayons, paint, brushes, pencils, one spray suit.
Material CostApprox. $200
Language of InstructionEnglish

Al McKee

 AL is a multidisciplinary artist based in Edmonton, AB. AL works mainly in mixed media and acrylic painting, with experience as a playwright and performer. AL has  participated in interdisciplinary space activations (Interactive performances) through Nextfest Arts Co. in Edmonton AB, as well as being a featured visual artist in Edmonton's Colab Quarters Arts Society showcase, Capital City Arts, Nextfest and Edmonton Mural Fest. AL has varied and rich experiences working as an arts educator for at-risk youth as well as adults with developmental disabilities. AL is passionate about encouraging arts engagement and accessibility for marginalized populations. AL uses her education in Psychology, BA to inform her practice as an arts educator and enrich experiences of learning for students. AL has experience living and working in the north, and wants to share her dream of cultivating imagination with students as they experience their school day. AL has extensive experience delivering arts programming to young people with the primary goals of increasing imagination and promoting a sense of freedom to explore identity and expand the limits of what one defines "art" as.

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