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Shadow Puppetry

Théâtre d'ombres

Geneviève Doyon • Theatre

Geneviève will guide the class through the principles of shadow puppetry. The workshop will teach students how to set a shadow puppet theatre, how to generate or adapt a story, how to create their very own puppets and introduce them to puppetry performance. 

Shadow puppetry is a creative and inclusive way to dive into the world of theatre! Students with different levels of comfort with speaking in front of a public will have a chance to explore the different elements of theatre making. Through the workshop, the students will learn to work as a team and will highlight different people's abilities: building, cutting, making up a story and/or performing. After the workshop, they will have the skills and knowledge to continue working on shadow puppetry at home, if they wish to do so. 

The workshop will result in short pieces to show the rest of the class or that could be used for a school show. 

This workshop can be adapted to different age and skill level. 

Grade SuitabilityK-5
Maximum Class Size20
Time Required3 hours, 3 hours prep
Material RequiredLarge cardboard boxes, large sheets of white tissue paper, black cardboard, kebab stick, tape
Material Cost$50
Language of InstructionEnglish, French

Geneviève Doyon

Geneviève Doyon (she/her) is a bilingual theatre artist that has been working and living in Whitehorse since 2010. She was born in Venezuela, grew up in Belgium and the Netherlands before studying literature, film and theatre in Montreal. 

Genevieve works both on and off stage as a performer, a writer, a director and a dramaturge. She is the co Artistic Director of Yukon company Open Pit Theatre. She is the playwright behind Leave a Message (après le bip), Busted Up: A Yukon Story, Look Up and co-wrote the mask and puppetry show Radio Silence. 

Geneviève loves making and performing theatre for and with kids. Puppetry is a magical and accessible way to spark young folks' imagination and turn it into their very own piece of theatre. 

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