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Sculpture Using Recycled and Reclaimed Materials with Leslie Leong

Leslie Leong • Sculpture

Each student can create their own sculpture from recycled and reclaimed materials or a large group project can be broken down into parts and assembled at the end. The reclaimed materials helps students to think outside the box, and makes it easier to let go of trying to make their sculpture realistic. It unleashes creativity and shows students how useful recycled materials can be. The subject can be linked to curriculum. For example, simple projects could be sculpting healthy meals, creating mythical insects, or making ceremonial masks of the world. An example of a complex project was Soyuz descent capsules (space) made to about half-size.

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class Size16 plus students with classroom assistance
Time RequiredDepending on the scope of the project, as little as 3 hours or 2-11/2 hour sessions, to 10 hours in 2-hour sessions for more complex projects.Note: 1 hour prep time is required for every 3 hours class time.
Material RequiredRecycled and reclaimed materials collected by the students
Material CostGenerally, there are minimal costs since the students collect most materials as part of the preparation for the project. Depending on the subject being sculpted, there will be some costs for glue, string, tape, zip ties, pop rivets or other substances to hold the parts together, plus equipment fees.
Language of InstructionEnglish

Leslie Leong

Leslie Leong has two photography books to her credit on Canada’s Northwest Territories. The results of her camera and pen show up in Northern Canadian books, magazines and other publications. Her other creative endeavors include ceramics, silversmith work, sculpture, painting & illustration, with an emphasis on reclaimed & recycled materials. She has participated in over 30 exhibitions, half of which were solo exhibits. She shares her art with the intention of engaging others in the inquiry into the human condition, society, and our disassociation with our natural environment. Leslie has years of experience developing art based programs and teaching them to a wide range of ages in Yukon schools. Leslie is available throughout the school year, except for late Nov./December 2019 and June 2020 (Profile Photo Credit: GBP Creative)

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