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Wet and/or Needle Wool Felting with Shiela Alexandrovich

Shiela Alexandrovich • Felting

Explore wet or needle felting techniques using local wool from my sheep. Projects range from balls, pencil coats for young kids, to wall hangings for older students. Needle felting is usually flat work pictures. I will tailor projects to class needs, and minimal 1 hour for younger grades and 1.5-2 hours for Wallhangings with older grades.

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class Size25 (or one class at a time)
Time Required1-2 hours, (1:1 hours prep time)
Material RequiredFor wet felting: 3-4 old towels, a sink and an electric kettle. Space is at least 6 sq feet of work space per kid. For needle felting: table and chair for each
Material Cost$3 to $7 per student
Language of InstructionEnglish

Shiela Alexandrovich

Shiela Alexandrovich has been working in the traditional arts for well over 35 years. She started with beadwork and basketry, experimenting with techniques and materials. Jewelry making has been a long time practice, and wet and needle felting have surfaced in the last 20 years. Shiela lives an off grid lifestyle, with small farm life that inspires color, design and materials that she uses. She exhibits and teaches locally, as well as teaching numerous workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest. 
Shiela likes teaching kids, and always learns something in the process. The goal is always to have students, both kids and adults, come away with something that they cannot believe that they made. 

Please contact via email as a primary means of communication.

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