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Multimedia Mash-Up

Monique Romeiko • 

This series of workshops will focus on how to transform one medium into another in an organic process.  For example, one workshop can focus on all the ways we can work with the letters of our name... we can draw them in the air with our fingers, we can find letters in a magazine and collage them, we can sing them, etc. etc. it's very open! After Monique introduces the concept, she guides the participants toward their creation process which involves many "exercises" that can surprise them and open the field of possibilities. Some very specific techniques are used, especially with dance, but then much improvisation is also involved. Other workshop examples include: Making a Painting in Space with Your Body, Group Mandala Making, Making a Dance Video, and exploring "lo-fi technology." A minimum of 5-10 classes is recommended.

Please note: This is an online workshop only. 

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class Size30
Time Required1 hour per class/1 hour prep (minimum)
Material RequiredTo be determined based on the workshop
Material CostTo be determined
Language of InstructionEnglish or French

Monique Romeiko

Monique is an internationally recognized multi-media artist who's artworks have been shown in many countries. Since 1986 she has been touring the world performing dance. She currently organizes international artist exhibitions, events, film festivals, and artist residencies in several countries, including in Whitehorse, Canada! She has been teaching since 1987 and many of her students from Whitehorse are now grownups with their own kids. Lots of her other students are grandparents of those other students. Lately, Monique's muse is her awesome 9-year-old son who's art is really intriguing.

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