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Immersion in Nature Inside the Classroom with Leslie Leong

Leslie Leong • Photography

This is a new workshop where students interact and perform with the natural elements in a video installation in the classroom. Taking turns individually or in groups of 2, they can dance, mimic, and interact with the video content by observing themselves in a large mirror, while the rest of the class can watch the interaction. Prompts help to inspire action. The video content is nature-based and intends to immerse the viewer in nature. Wearing white lab coats enhances the experience, acting as a projection screen that moves with their actions. 

To see examples please see this link, under the heading “Immersion”:
See the artist's website

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class Size16, participant numbers can be increased if assistance is available
Time Required1, 2-hour session plus 3 hour prep (5 hours total)
Material RequiredProjector (artist can supply if not available), The artist will bring: large Mirror, lab coats, white backdrop. The school will provide and a place to set it up. A darkened room, ideally a vacant space like the gym, but it is possible to do it in the class room if desks are moved out of the way and student numbers are small.
Material Cost$0, unless the artist needs to rent a projector.
Language of InstructionEnglish

Leslie Leong

Leslie Leong has two photography books to her credit on Canada's Northwest Territories. The results of her camera and pen show up in Northern Canadian books, magazines and other publications. Her art practice also includes ceramics, silversmith work, painting, illustration & sculpture, with an emphasis on reclaimed & recycled materials. She has held over 20 solo exhibits, and many participated in many more group exhibitions. She shares her art with the intention of engaging others in the inquiry into the human condition, society, and our disassociation with our natural environment. Leslie has years of experience developing art based programs and teaching them to a wide range of ages in Yukon schools. Leslie is available throughout the school year, except for late Nov./December. (Profile Photo Credit: GBP Creative)

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