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Dance with Andrea Simpson-Fowler

Andrea Simpson-Fowler • Dance and Movement

Andrea can teach Hip Hop, Creative Dance, and Choreography. She is able to manage dance projects from small to large scale.

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class SizeClass size
Time RequiredTo be determined by program
Material RequiredSound system
Language of InstructionEnglish

Andrea Simpson-Fowler

Long-time Yukoner and owner of the Yukon’s only commercial dance school, Leaping Feats, Andrea’s artistic direction in dance has forged a core path of providing dance education and pre-professional performance opportunities for generations of dancers, both young and old in multiple dance styles. In addition, her work and encouragement has motivated dancers to form three non-profit dance organizations: Extremely Moving Youth Society, Breakdancing Yukon, and Northern Impact. Out of Breakdancing Yukon, came The Groundwork Sessions: 5 Bboys battling against crews from around the world and building a professional reputation. Andrea is the creative force that encourages, motivates, and inspires youth to celebrate and express with the body. Further to experiencing the positive effects of a dance practice, Andrea coordinates and manifests workshops in small communities as well as camps, festivals, and community programs. This groove extends dance skills to affect life skills by exposing young men and women to the transformative power of dance expression for raising confidence and esteem. Andrea’s vision includes evoking self-direction in youth to take on the organization of their own events, mentoring, and social engagement that ultimately capitalizes on the benefits of dance to the benefits of being a participatory citizen.

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