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Photography: The Basics and the Creative Process with Leslie Leong

Leslie Leong • Photography

The focus of the course is on the creative aspect of photography. Essential technical training is covered to enable a greater ability to create. An attentive student can use this course as a fundamental step into photography. The topics covered are: • Human eye vs. Camera’s eye • Aperture/Shutter speed • ISO • Exposure • Lenses • Light/Exposure (& white balance) • Line, shape, texture, form, colour • Composition • Cropping • Digital Photography vs. Film Based Photography and the age of Computer Enhanced Photography • Class exhibit (optional & highly recommended)

Grade Suitability8-12
Maximum Class Size12, participant numbers can be increased depending on the level of assistance provided
Time RequiredIdeally, ten 3-hour sessions or four 6-hour sessions, split into two 2-day blocks. Sessions are divided into course material, case studies and review of photographic assignments. 1 hour prep time is required for each 3 hours of class time. An additional 4-6 hours for set-up and prep. time is required if the class chooses to exhibit their work (depends on level of assistance from the school)
Material RequiredStudents or the school must have access to digital cameras, and CDs. DVDs, or other memory device to submit assignments. Additional materials include photocopied material, plus photo-prints, or print-outs of photographs if there is a class exhibit. If the school can provide these, there is no cost for materials. We will use of a laptop projector during the sessions. (The instructor will arrive with a laptop to plug into the projector.) If this is not available, the instructor can rent one, the cost of which will be charged back to the school.
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesNote: Shorter length programs can be developed in discussion with the school. Less time simply means the students learn less material, and for some topics, less thoroughly.

Leslie Leong

Leslie Leong has two photography books to her credit on Canada's Northwest Territories. The results of her camera and pen show up in Northern Canadian books, magazines and other publications. Her art practice also includes ceramics, silversmith work, painting, illustration & sculpture, with an emphasis on reclaimed & recycled materials. She has held over 20 solo exhibits, and many participated in many more group exhibitions. She shares her art with the intention of engaging others in the inquiry into the human condition, society, and our disassociation with our natural environment. Leslie has years of experience developing art based programs and teaching them to a wide range of ages in Yukon schools. Leslie is available throughout the school year, except for late Nov./December. (Profile Photo Credit: GBP Creative)

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