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Contemporary Dance/Composition Workshop with Monique Romeiko

Monique Romeiko • Dance and Movement

The way I create dances is a unique choreographic approach. I encourage each individual to utilize their own strengths. (I usually do not put steps to music that they must copy and memorize). As a warm up or entry into working, I propose some concrete physical techniques, supported by theory and anatomy. The students experience their application through repetition, progression and variation on themes and co-ordinations. This increases perception, and encourages the honing of multi-spatial awareness skills and the power of internal sensing in executing movement while engaging core muscles, and practicing speed, accuracy, alignment, musicality etc. As well, sourcing from anatomical imagery, poetry, physics, quality, sound/music, emotions, group movements, spontaneous moments—recording of the physical and mental attention given to a particular occasion where the movements reveal themselves in the moment—etc, are all possible sources of research. I propose a variety of possibilities for the students to examine. They can use my creative process as an example or springboard for their own research into choreography. The dance pieces come together with clarity of intention with all participants feeling proud of their contribution.

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class SizeClass size
Time Required1 hour
Material RequiredSound system
Language of InstructionEnglish or French
AvailabilitySeptember - June

Monique Romeiko

Monique is an internationally recognized multi-media artist who's artworks have been shown in many countries. Since 1986 she has been touring the world performing dance. She currently organizes international artist exhibitions, events, film festivals, and artist residencies in several countries, including in Whitehorse, Canada! She has been teaching since 1987 and many of her students from Whitehorse are now grownups with their own kids. Lots of her other students are grandparents of those other students. Lately, Monique's muse is her awesome 9-year-old son who's art is really intriguing.

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