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Alaena Warner • Multidisciplinary Art Projects

If something from my skill set peaks your interest, let's chat about how we could turn it into a project suited to your classes' needs. This could include paper lantern making, shadow art, paper installation, painting, drawing, drawing games, snow sculpture, embroidery, pysanky egg decorating, paper-mache, or large-scale puppet making. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Please visit @alaena_warner on Instagram to view my previous work. 

Grade SuitabilityAny
Maximum Class SizeAny
Time RequiredCustomizable
Material RequiredTBD
Material CostTBD
Language of InstructionEnglish

Alaena Warner

From the time I could pick up a pencil all I wanted to do was draw and I drew on every available surface (much to my parent’s frustration)! These drawings, like most children’s early drawings, formed a narrative about my experiences that generated inquiry and insight into the world around me. Reflecting on this, I believe that fostering creativity benefits well-being and development at every life stage. As an art teacher, I look forward to the opportunity to create workshops and fun interactions that encourage children’s innate creativity, self-expression, and resilience, thereby supporting them to thrive.

I hold a BFA in Studio Art (Painting and Drawing) from Concordia University, Montreal, completed the Sundog Carving Program (now NCES), and most recently a BSW from Yukon University. I enjoy the cross-pollination of my interests in art-making and connection-building. Much of my artwork has been made for community events, such as winter festivals, parades, and performances, and has included lantern making, giant puppet making, cardboard masks, and snow carving, all of which involve a lot of interaction. I see these events as contemporary rituals that bring people together in a meaningful way. I also spent over a decade with a local NGO providing support to families and gave many art and craft workshops. I treasure collaboration, so please bring me your idea, and let's explore what we can create together! 

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