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Brass Wind Instrument Demonstration with Bill Barrick

Bill Barrick • Music - Instruments

Demonstration of several brass wind instruments as used in bands, orchestras, small groups, and as solo instruments. The demonstration shows students what these instruments look like, compares size and configuration of the various instruments, and has students listen to the various sounds the instruments produce. The demonstration draws on any knowledge the students already have such as guitars, whistles or their pots-and-pans drum kit by including an explanation of how the sound is produced. Part of the demonstration is hands-on for the students so they can hold the instrument and experience playing. There is also ample time for students to discuss and ask questions. The purpose of the demonstration is to provide students with information about musical instruments in general, and about particular instruments, to help them decide what instrument they would like to play.

Grade Suitability6-9
Maximum Class Sizeup to 25 students but smaller classes preferred
Time RequiredSuitable for class period of a minimum of 45 minutes with a small class, but more time is better so will arrange to suit your schedule.
Material RequiredInstruments for demonstration either available in the school or borrowed with permission from other schools.
Language of InstructionEnglish
Special NotesLonger versions could be developed under Sky is the Limit. Longer versions would allow for students to try the instruments they like and start to play some music.

Bill Barrick

Bill has many years experience playing trumpet at such places and events as the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Massey Hall, RCMP musical ride, NHL hockey games and presently plays with the "Big Band" and the "All-City Senior Band" in Whitehorse. He has taken piano training and music theory and has experience on percussion and French Horn. He has participated in instructing beginner students through the annual Music Camps and Squeaks and Squawks.

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