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The Youth of Today Society (YOTS) is a non-profit society devoted to strengthening the lives of Yukon youth. The Youth of Today Society provides support, advocacy, information and training opportunities to the Yukon's most disenfranchised young persons. Centered in Whitehorse, YOTS assists youth and young people between the ages of 15 and 24 from all over the territory through a variety of services. Programs at the Youth Centre range from a feeding program to career training in diverse fields such as graphics, sign-making and musical recordings. Youth come to the centre to discover interests, receive mentoring and counseling and connect to other community supports. Program Instructors: Lancelot Burton: Multi-Disciplined artist (Adult), with 30 years of experience in visual and media communications. Proficient in graphic design, visual arts, and multi-media production. Lancelot assists training youth for digital and visual arts applications for the Shakat Journal and ShakatMedia productions. Nishka Pajor: Multi-media production artist, photographer- teaches students the strategic points to developing photo and film projects to represent their voices in the journal. The club is designed to integrate Elders within videos through interviews, hands-on and land based learning. Nishka is highly skilled in her craft and has taken part in both the junior and senior REM programs. Jamie Lee Roberts: Jamie is a visual artist/photographer - her sensitivities to capture the moments through portraiture and cultural lifestyles is evident in her work. Jamie also provides conference and special events photography and will work with youth/students to teach them how art is an employable skill. Carissa Waugh: I am Taku River Tlingit First Nations, from Atlin, BC, but I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. Growing up, I was always into art. My favourite textile to work with is Acrylic Paint, but I also cross stitch and recently got back into beading. I have plenty of Cross Stitch projects, most have been gifted to friends and family. I also have lots of canvases with my art on it, most in my parents house. Every piece tells a different story, and I’m reminded of it every time I look it them, it is so neat to think that my future great-great-grandchildren will be able to see my art. Art has always been a passion of mine, everyone has their own version of Art and I love being able to see that in their work. Teaching has also been a passion of mine, I have always enjoyed working with children. I hope to join my two passions together with my position at YOTS. Jacob Carr: I am what you would call an eclectic artist. I like to jump into new mediums and get messy with new ideas. I usually dive hard into learning a medium in hopes of understanding everything I can about it. In short I try to work hard in pouring as much passion into the subject as possible. Then once I get bored, or don’t feel challenged anymore I move to a medium and start from scratch and try to master that. I have applied myself to a host of different disciplines from pottery, painting, carving, writing, laser-cutting, cnc routing, 3d printing, tattooing and water colours. I’m not a very serious artist, I just like to try new things and explore different disciplines and have fun doing it. Daniel Benjamin Gribben: 
I am part of the Tahltan First Nation from Northern British Columbia. I have lived in the Yukon since September of 2001. In May of 2007, I began to practice First Nation’s painting, designing, carving and writing at NCES, the local carving studio, formerly known as Sundog. I have been a carver for over nine years now and in that time I’ve created masks, panels, plaques, bent wood boxes, head dresses and regalia, along with most of the First Nation’s spiritual animals. I’ve also been a part of a couple different carving projects such as a dugout canoe and a healing totem that our carving team made for the KDCC, Kwanlin-Dun Cultural Center. When it comes to art I believe that anything you put your heart, mind and soul into, that also brings you peace and joy, is an art form in itself. When possible, artists need to pass on the knowledge they have learned to the next generation. Being an artist isn’t about trying to be better than the rest, it’s about trying to pass on as much as you can so that our culture and everyone’s culture continues to be strong.


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