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Vanessa Ægirsdóttir

Vanessa Ægirsdóttir

Vanessa Ægirsdóttir is a textile artist with over twenty years experience working with fabrics, yarns, and other fibre based media. Her earliest childhood memories are firmly anchored in playing dress-up, hand made dollies and crafting. Her mother was a west-coast Canadian hippie with a love for fabrics, embroidery, quilting, and handcrafts which instilled in Vanessa a love of and appreciation for making things with her hands from even the simplest, often repurposed materials. She has attended two residencies in North Iceland and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Canada and Iceland including the massive design festival, Design March in Reykjavík in spring of 2017. During her time in Iceland, she spent considerable time exploring “slow textiles” using very manual, traditional methods of making fabric. She hand spins her yarns on a spinning wheel and uses a hand-built frame loom to produce her tapestries. In her work, her love of nature is evident. Muted tones of grey and beige often appear in her works celebrating the natural sheep colours of the fibres. She also emphasizes the beauty of colours existing in nature. She loves allowing the natural texture and character of her chosen materials take centre stage and weaves in almost exclusively tabby (plain) weave for this purpose. Recently, her works have included metallic elements such as copper thread and leaf, fish leather, and locally harvested furs as well as embroidery and floral eco-printing In her practice, she puts focus on simple stitches, natural colours and lots of repetition. She works to refine her voice as an artist on an ongoing basis and loves the learning that experimentation and play affords her in her textile work.


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