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Monde à Part (Sylvain-Henri Simard & Caroline Robitaille)

Monde à Part (Sylvain-Henri Simard & Caroline Robitaille)

MONDE À PART offers core French and French immersion schools a musical experience like no other adapted to all levels of French! Featuring songs themed around Canada’s Great North, BEATBOXING workshops and more! MONDE À PART is a world particularly inviting for young boys, yet just as amusing for girls!

MONDE À PART in a nutshell is an innovative and original project. The engine behind it consists of two talented artists (Sylvain-Henri Simard and Caroline Robitaille) both with extensive backgrounds in education. MONDE À PART is: a musical experience with engaging songs inspired by Canada’s Great North, inclusive workshops for ALL students, a project that has seen great success in schools across the country and most of all is a unique concept to help develop a sense of school spirit and unity. (Visit www.mondeapart.ca for more information and complete artist biographies).


How to contact this artist:

  • Phone: (613) 869-9003
  • Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Website: http://mondeapart.ca