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Under the Night Sky Landscape Paintings with Cass Collins

Cass Collins • Painting - Mixed Media

Students will use ink and watercolour paint to create vibrant, starry, night sky paintings. We will then use dark coloured ink (sharpies or calligraphy ink) to draw tree silhouettes and other landscape elements. This project can be tailored to be either a summer landscape or a winter landscape (incorporating snowflakes in the skies and snow on the trees). The end result will be a beautiful, northern-inspired piece of artwork. Contact the Artist to see examples of this project. Grade Suitability: K-12 Maximum Class Size: Class size Time Required: 1.5 - 2 hrs Material Required: Material Cost: Language of Instruction: English Communities: All Availability: Sept to June

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class SizeClass size
Time Required1.5-2 hours
Material RequiredHeavyweight watercolour paper, watercolour paints, palettes, paper towels, water containers, paintbrushes, sharpie markers, ink and calligraphy pens, pencils, erasers, and masking tape. Artist will bring in all of the supplies and invoice the school at cost.
Material CostSupplies will be $1.50 per student.
Language of InstructionEnglish
AvailabilitySept - June

Cass Collins

Cathleen (aka Cass) is an artist and graphic designer from northern Canada. She grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon and then moved down to B.C. for several years where she studied illustration and design at Capilano University (North Vancouver). Since receiving her diploma she’s moved back to her hometown, happily creating artwork and doing freelance design work. Cass's paintings have a graphic look and strong design sense. Her preferred medium is acrylics, and she will sometimes incorporate mixed media and collage into her works. Cass’s most recent paintings are a series of night skies and constellations, created with watercolour and ink. You can see more of Cass's work by visiting her website, Etsy shop or Facebook page.

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