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Songwriting with Sarah MacDougall

Sarah MacDougall • Songwriting

This songwriting program will focus on writing a song together as a class, using form, rhythm, melody, and songwriting idea tools such as word webs and word stacks and a storyboard. We will write the song by finding a melody and rhythm, drafting a storyboard, writing the lyrics, and editing. If time permits, we will sing the song together make a basic recording with a portable recording device. A second and/or third lesson will delve further into songwriting, songwriting tools, and each student will have one-on-one time for questions and feedback and time to work on their own songs. We will also talk about the process of releasing music independently and touring. If time permits we could delve into the techniques of computer recording.

Grade Suitability1-12
Maximum Class SizeClass size
Time Required1-3 hours
Material RequiredPaper, pens, musical instruments (optional), Apple computers with garage band (optional), Projector and/or white/blackboard.
Material CostOne guitar, one computer, one portable recording device, hand-outs.
Language of InstructionEnglish
AvailabilityNovember, March-May

Sarah MacDougall

Sarah is described by the magazine “Rootstime” in Belgium as ‘One of the greatest talents of our era” and is listed as the “2nd best gig” by the major UK newspaper “The Independent”. She became the #1 most played artist on Canadian Galaxie Folk/Roots radio in 2012 and a Western Canadian Music Award winning artist (2012 Solo Roots Album of the year). Sarah MacDougall is an artist getting known for her honest and poetic songs, passionate performances, guitar chops and unique voice. She has played everything from festivals to coffee shops nationally and internationally over the last 6 years. Sarah has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, has worked as an audio engineer at the Banff Centre and in studios in Vancouver, and has produced all her own albums. She has also worked with youth at risk and held music classes for persons with disabilities.

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