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Songwriting and Recording with Rebecca Law

Rebecca Law • Songwriting

Rebecca Law's workshop is for kids of all ages- Kindergarten and above. Rebecca is able to multitask with your class to provide songwriting and composing skills in different genres of music. This allows students to see the possibilities of their writing come to life right in the classroom. Rebecca is a recording artist, songwriter and vocalist and has the unique gift or bringing the best out of students using the art of music and creativity. For each session, a theme is chosen by the student or teacher based on a current subject matter in the classroom. Students then receive an original instrumental accompaniment track and time with the artist to create a song with it. Once the song is composed, Rebecca brings a portable studio into the classroom (or quiet room at the school) and records each student or group performing their song. The song is then mixed at Rebecca's recording studio and the final product sent to the teacher or placed on Rebecca's website for review and downloading by the class. In some unique cases, Rebecca has taken a music video to go along with the song created by the class. Each student becomes more involved in the process of music production and music video production. This is a wonderful program that will inspire and motivate each participant and enhance their unique and beautiful skills.

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class SizeClass size
Time RequiredOne hour in class plus 2 hours post workshop for editing, recording additional tracks, mixing in the studio
Material RequiredNotebook for writing
Language of InstructionEnglish
CommunitiesCarcross, Carmarks, Dawson City. Haines Junction, Old Crow, Pelly Crossing , Ross River, Teslin, Watson Lake, Whitehorse

Rebecca Law

Rebecca Law is a recording artist, vocalist, song engineer and songwriter. She has worked with many artists, musicians and producers in Vancouver and Whitehorse. She also owns and manages her own recording studio in Whitehorse. She is able to work with students with different levels of learning and her positivity and professionalism is infectious.

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