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School Songwriting Workshop with Steve Slade

Steve Slade • Songwriting

Songs can be written from the curriculum, everyday life and – of course – flights of fancy and make believe. The class is involved in writing the songs right from the initial concept. A typical workshop would proceed as follows; collecting topics and ideas: the class suggests various topics that the’d like to write about. Selecting topics: we collectively edit the topics/ideas to a manageable number. Group work: if time permits, the class splits into groups, each group takes several topics and comes back with an action or descriptive phrases about the topic. Otherwise we do it as a class. Framing the song (lyrics): the class starts putting the lyrical song structure together using the “phrases” they came up with. Framing the song (genre): we discuss what kind of song it is: rap, rock, R & B, country… and adjust our lyrical, rhythmical and melodic structures accordingly. Presto – instant song! We did it!

Grade SuitabilityAll
Maximum Class SizeClass size
Time Required1-11/2 hr
Language of InstructionEnglish
AvailabilityOctober to January, mid-April to June

Steve Slade

Steve has performed in concerts, coffeehouses and various festivals from the Yukon to Newfoundland and throughout the continental United States and Alaska. He has performed for princes and premiers, daycares and nightclubs. And lots of schools! A long time Yukoner, Steve has spent many winter months touring Canada and Alaska promoting his various CD’s and generally enjoying the live performances. He regularly racks up over 40,000 km a year driving to and from both gigs in the Yukon and “outside. Along with his performance and songwriting skills, Steve also teaches music on a regular basis, and produces both the Arts in the Park summer program in Whitehorse and the Jammin4Jay Festival in Langley, B.C.

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