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Topo the World to You: Making Topographical Mountains with Gary Randal Lachance

Each student will learn about and use a topographical map to construct and paint a model Yukon mountain (for example, Montana Mountain in Carcross). Model is approximately 18”x12” including base. Each individual student will complete a project that can be displayed in the school and then taken home. Longer version of the workshop incorporates a much larger base and a class to build and paint all the mountains and water systems in the designated are. Learning outcomes include: The study of a topographical map, how mountains and waterways are formed, significance of elevation on flora and fauna, Yukon First Nations’ traditional territories, Yukon First Nations’ governance, use of First Nations’ place names, traditional trade routes, development of fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, plastering and painting.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:


Time Required:

3 hrs + 1 hr prep

Material Required:

Use of carpet underlay to create elevation of mountain(s), plaster pour, and then painting of details Artist will provide all construction material at cost. School to provide paint and paint brushes, scissors and glue and required photocopying

Material Cost:


Language of Instruction:




Special Notes:

A longer version of the project is to take (for example) a traditional First Nations’ Territory or a trading route and develop a 4’x6’ table-top version with the entire class. This requires space in the classroom for the project to stay overnight. This project would require 9 hours of instruction/project time over two or three days.


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