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Pottery in the Classroom with Patrick Royle

Through speaking, demonstration, and hands on experience, Patrick gives a short introduction to clay. Most classes focus on hand building, unless there is a specific request by a small group to use the wheel. Pieces are made in classes and then fired. School kilns are used where possible; if none is available, arrangements can be made to fire the pieces at Raven Pottery. A second class can be arranged to apply glazes, in which case a second firing will be required. Unglazed works might be stained prior to firing, or they might be painted afterwards under the teacher’s supervision. Raku projects are available for senior classes in the springtime. Patrick can design a project to supplement the teacher’s current curriculum; i.e., dinosaurs, bugs, animals, minerals/geology.

Grade Suitability:

Tailored to any grade with appropriate projects.

Maximum Class Size:

For senior grades, max 15-20 students.

Time Required:

A class can be taught in one hour, but a minimum of 3 hours is necessary for the artist to cover travel expenses.

Material Required:

Will be supplied by instructor at cost.

Material Cost:

Approximately $6/student, depending on project.

Language of Instruction:



All - Minimum of 2 full days required for communities outside of Whitehorse and Southern Lakes area. Community workshops can be organized for after-school hours.

Special Notes:

This program requires extensive prep time. For each hour of instruction 1/4 hour of prep time will be added.

Patrick Royle

Patrick Royle, proprietor of Raven Pottery, has been a full-time professional potter for over two decades. He has extensive experience teaching clay work to adults and children.

Contact: (867) 456-7629 studio


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