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Painting with Nicole Bauberger

Nicole can design a painting or drawing workshop to suit the needs, curriculum objectives and available materials for any class. She’s experienced in oil, acrylic and encaustic painting, as well as drawing with charcoal and group projects. Contact her and dream something up.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

Any; smaller groups are better for encaustic; 12 max unless the school comes up with an extra frying pan

Time Required:

TBD by program

Material Required:

School supplies material, or Nicole supplies it and invoices the school for reimbursement.

Language of Instruction:

English preferred, but French possible with teacher support.




Mon-Weds, Oct-Dec; Early Feb-March 2; May - June 5

Special Notes:

Minimum callout in Whitehorse is a half day’s work, teachers need to work together to cluster their requests.

Nicole Bauberger

Nicole Bauberger is a storyteller, painter, writer and arts educator. She educated herself through collaborations and apprenticeships with other artists and loves to bring the advantages of these unique learning opportunities to schools, continuing to learn from the collaborative adventures undertaken with students. She has taught art both at the University level as well as to five year olds. For four years she created murals with students in Ontario High Schools through the Ontario Artists in Education Program. Her work can often be seen at Arts Underground and the Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery.

Contact: 867-668-1577


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