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Introductory Trumpet Seminar with Bill Barrick

Bill will demonstrate and instruct aspects of playing and caring for the trumpet, including variations of the instrument such as the bugle, cornet, flugel horn and various pitches of trumpet. The seminar would cover the following topics; sound production; time, effort and practice required; care and cleaning of the instrument; types of music that can be played; types of ensembles where trumpets are used and comparison with other instruments. The purpose of the seminar is to enable students to properly look after their instrument, to understand various aspects of trumpet playing and to practice effectively. Questions and discussion are invited so students can gain information they would like and as appropriate to their level and proficiency. This is intended as an introductory seminar for students who have an instrument available for the session (i.e. owned, rented, borrowed or provided by the school) and are planning to pursue study of the trumpet for awhile.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

Up to 20 students but smaller classes preferred

Time Required:

Designed to fit class periods of approximately 45 to 90 min

Material Required:

Students to provide their own instrument

Language of Instruction:




Bill Barrick

Bill has many years experience playing trumpet at such places and events as the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Massey Hall, RCMP musical ride, NHL hockey games and presently plays with the "Big Band" and the "All-City Senior Band" in Whitehorse. He has taken piano training and music theory and has experience on percussion and French Horn. He has participated in instructing beginner students through the annual Music Camps and Squeaks and Squawks.

Contact: 867-335-4191


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