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Introduction to Bookbinding with Owen Williams

In this introductory class students gain an understanding of how and why books are made the way they are. An emphasis is placed on the experience of taking care in making the book. This experience is intended to encourage fine hand-eye coordination and develop the students' innate sense of craftsmanship.All programs can be adapted to individual student/teacher needs.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

30 students

Time Required:

1-2 classes

Material Required:

Construction paper, drawing paper, thread/wool, darning needles. Artist can supply.

Material Cost:


Language of Instruction:




Owen Williams

Owen Williams grew up in Whitehorse. An early interest in lettering led him to train in England, first carving letters in stone and later as a calligrapher. He has taught children of all ages through the Artist in the School Program, the City of Whitehorse Department of Recreation and through the Yukon Arts Ed-Venture Program.



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