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Exploring Colours and Textures in Nature with Maya Rosenberg

Nature is beautiful and varied, but it is not random. Nature is physics, math, and it is art. In this workshop we will create art inspired by the patterns, colours and textures found in nature and animals. Each student will create their own painting of varied natural elements in vivid colours and we will discuss the new ideas together.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:


Time Required:

1-4 hrs (depending on project)

Material Required:

Watercolours/acrylic paint, brushes, canvas/wood surface, paper towel, water and water containers

Material Cost:

Dependent on project and may include: watercolours, acrylic paint, brushes, canvases/wood surfaces, rocks, leaves. Artist will supply material if needed at cost.

Language of Instruction:




Special Notes:

Can fit class to special projects if needed.

Maya Rosenberg

Maya was born and raised in Israel. She has traveled to the United States, Canada and Europe, and moved to Whitehorse in August 2014. She is currently a board director at the Yukon Art Society, teaching art workshops across the Yukon Territory, coordinating and teaching community engagements projects and exhibiting in various art galleries across Canada. Maya is also a student at the YNTEP program and is passionate about combining art and education in an experiential way. Maya’s art is inspired by nature and its rejuvenating qualities. She uses colour to reflect the connections between art, education, our communities and nature.

Contact: 867-332-1000


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