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Exploring Colour with Paint - Christine Prescott

• Kindergarten – colours and colour mixing (primary and secondary colours), colour theory (complementary colours, analogous colours, warm and cool colours, looking at a selection paintings to see how professional artists use colour in their work, mixing colours demonstration and opportunity for kids to try. • Gr 1 - create a still life paining with acrylic paints on a canvas (in a step by step approach), where applicable, building on colour mixing and theory from Kindergarten. • Gr 2 - create a landscape painting (possibly to fit with their social studies curriculum). Expand on colour theory and mixing, and showing how artists find inspiration and beauty in the landscape, and use art to represent their story of the landscape. Introduce composition techniques and drawing techniques to create more sophisticated paintings.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:


Time Required:

1-2 hrs + 30 mins prep time

Material Required:

Acrylic paints, panels, palette paper, small brushes to be provided by and reimbursed to the artist at minimal cost. School to provide water and containers, paper towel, newspaper to cover tables, medium and large sized paint brushes.

Language of Instruction:

English or French


Carcross, Haines Junction, Teslin, Whitehorse

Special Notes:

A longer version of this program is available.

Christine Prescott

Christine Prescott is a landscape painter who depicts our natural and urban surroundings with bold colours and shapes. She holds a degree in marketing and art history from the University of Saskatchewan. Her work has appeared in galleries across Saskatchewan and Alberta, on murals in the city of Saskatoon, and is held in private collections in Canada and internationally. Christine loves to share her passion of art-making and has taught drawing and painting community classes for Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity’s Walter Philips Gallery, and colour theory and painting classes at Banff Elementary School.

Contact: 867-555-3010


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