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Broadcast Radio Basics with Bill Polonsky

How to script, record on a computer and edit a PSA (Public Service Announcement) or Station ID. Students will upload finished content to a server and play announcements on the Internet and community radio.

Grade Suitability:

Grade 5-12 (students should have some experience with computer and internet web browser)

Maximum Class Size:


Time Required:

¾ hour lecture to half-day workshop (minimum 1 session, preferably 2 half day’s)

Material Required:

Computer (Windows, Apple or Linux Operating System) w/ access to internet, Audacity (audio editing program, free download), microphone, mixer, headphones and cables to computer.

Material Cost:

Schools may purchase kit starting at $250 or rent Artist’s portable studio for $100/day.

Language of Instruction:




Special Notes:

Prefers Thursday and Friday for training. If needed any other day of the week please provide at least two weeks notice.

Bill Polonsky

Bill Polonsky is the manager of CJUC Community radio in Whitehorse, having over 20 years experience in broadcast radio. He has designed and performed soundscapes for live theatre edited sound for radio dramas and provided training for new volunteers in radio production, digital audio editing and writing at CJUC. He recently conducted a five-day training workshop at Nuxalk Radio 91.1 FM, a First Nations radio station in Bella Coola, British Columbia.

Contact: 867-633-6234


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