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Beginning Pottery—pinch pots can be made into anything! with Joann Vriend

Students begin by making a pinch pot, then changing it into a fish or frog by adding parts. They then use their own imagination to explore what else could be made out of a simple pinch pot. This workshop works well in the elementary, but could be used at any grade. This workshop takes one hour initially and then another hour for glazing, a week or two later.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

class size

Time Required:

2 1 hour sessions

Material Required:

clay and glazes artist will order

Material Cost:

3- 6 $ per student

Language of Instruction:



Dawson City, Old Crow


September & October –March 15- June

Joann Vriend

Joann Vriend has lived in the Yukon since 1985 and has worked for most of that time at Robert Service School in Dawson as a teacher. Joann is well known for her raku pottery. She loves clay and has taught pottery workshops with children at the school, and, just recently for a summer program at KIAC.

Contact: 867 993-5778


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