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Beginner Ottawa Valley & Cape Breton Step Dancing with Ashlyne Bigg

Cape Breton and Ottawa Valley Step Dancing are very unique styles of dance that children of all ages and grades (teachers too) can enjoy. I have taught Step Dance classes of 10 to 15 students. I am willing to give several classes if class sizes are higher than 15 to 20. I strongly feel that more children, especially for beginner dancers, means less one on one time. I want the children to feel excited about the class and accomplish goals; not bored and discourage because class sizes are too big. Goals: I have two end goals; first goal is have the children memorize a short routine. My second goal and end product for the entire course throughout the year, is to have the students use their creative abilities and improvise/choreograph their own unique dance using the steps and techniques they have learnt over the course of the program, and perhaps perform the piece and the end!

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

15-20 max

Time Required:

For beginner Step Dancers, one hour in length is plenty of time. One hour permits the children to learn the steps without feeling rushed or pressured, while still allowing the heart rate and oxygen levels to rise. No prep time needed - children just need to arrive on time.

Material Required:

The children could use their own tap shoes if they have any, or even hard sole shoes that might make a sound on a hard floor. Running shoes are also acceptable; but no socks or bare feet. A large space such as a gymnasium would be excellent as the hard floor will allow the students to hear the foot work, but also provide safety to the feet and shins. The “give” in gymnasium floors helps prevent shin-splints and foot cramps.If the schools could provide a cd player for my music that would be helpful, if not, I will happily get my own!Finally…. Positive attitude and willingness to learn!

Language of Instruction:





Available when needed until the end of the school year, however, would prefer a couple of weeks’ notice.


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