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Brush Strokes with Susan McCallum

Susan McCallum • Painting - Watercolour

This year Susan will be presenting her latest illustrated Native language bilingual stories. It is important for Susan to share the process of illustration with the students. She shares stories, sketches, story boards, paintings and the final publications with the students. She wants each student to understand it takes many steps and thought to come up with a final illustration for a children's book. Susan will then give the students an opportunity to pick their own image from one of the First Nations stories she tells. It is very important to credit the original story teller and be clear the story has permission to be shared. Learning Outcomes: Sharing Yukon Native Oral History provides a deeper understanding of Indigenous Culture. Susan provides an opportunity to learn water colour techniques and apply them to their final paintings. The students are taught drawing techniques and inspired to illustrate an impression or lesson from the story.

Grade SuitabilityK-12
Maximum Class Size30
Time Required3 x 1 hour sessions + 1 hr prep/day
Material RequiredWatercolour paper and watercolour paints or (optional water soluble pencil crayons)
Material CostMaterials provided by artist at a minimal cost. 30 participants: $20 watercolour paper, $25 watercolour paints (optional $20 water soluble pencil crayons).
Language of InstructionEnglish

Susan McCallum

Susan's latest illustrated Yukon book is "Big Moose, Big Moose What Do You See?" written in Han and English by Erika Scheffen, co-ordinated by Kyrie Nagano. Susan has also illustrated "My Stories are my Wealth", told by the late Angela Sydney and more currently, Tlingit stories presented by Children of the Taku. Susan believes it is very important for each student to be acknowledged for their creative work and often organizes a school wide art show to celebrate the students' original paintings at the conclusion of her residency. Occasionally Susan will invite her daughter Jenoah Esquiro, a beginner Tlingit Speaker to share in Tlingit drumming, singing and dancing encouraging the students to participate and share in her Tlingit Culture. Susan has been creating art programs for schools throughout BC and Yukon for many years. Teachers join in just as the students do, some teachers have called it a painting spa! Susan loves sharing her positive energy with her students and believes in creative self-expression.

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