Peter Kazda

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Peter was born in Europe into an artistic family and he had been carving since he was ten. Peter moved to Faro in 1992 and started to make his “Northern Spirit Faces” around 1998. In recent years he has made various art projects but the biggest was a 12 feet tall sculpture installed in 2005 for the Canada Winter Games building in Whitehorse. Peter is a member of the Yukon Art Society and Anvil Range Arts Society in Faro.

Artist is available for Sky is the Limit Projects




Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Bark Carving – Magic Houses with Peter Kazda
  2. Bark Carving – Necklaces with Peter Kazda
  3. Soapstone Carving with Peter Kazda
  4. T-Shirt Design with Peter Kazda
  5. Wood Burning with Peter Kazda


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