Patty Jackson

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After shipping Yukon soapstone to BC and shipping carvings to Dawson for 3 years, I loaded my truck and Kryptonite (my dog) and I moved to Dawson in 2008. In 2012, several "seasonal moves" later, I purchased my Gold Rush era house. (Stone-carving is not nomadic lifestyle friendly art form). With a home base-of-operations, "Heart of Stone" has been undergoing a metamorphosis in the 'Heart of the Klondyke", which has become more evident with the enthusiastic interest at the Yukon Riverside Art Festival artist demo/participation events and an all ages smudge-bowl carving workshop at Tombstone Interpretive Centre.

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Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Cut to Polish with Patty Jackson
  2. Dust ‘til Done with Patty Jackson


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