Meshell Melvin

Meshell Melvin

From her beginnings in southern Ontario to the Yukon home she chose, Meshell Melvin has a professional practice that spans 30 years, and has exhibited widely. Her work hangs in public and private collections, and has been featured in print, radio, television and film. Her images reflect an interest and curiosity in the world around her; the people, the homes they live in, and the surrounding landscape. She has a passion and commitment to art education that parallels her devotion to her practice and makes her a lively and stimulating instructor. An artist in the schools for almost 20 years, she is versatile in a number of mediums and her tickle trunk is full of projects.

Artist is available for Sky is the Limit Projects




Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Cardboard Creatures with Meshell Melvin
  2. Collage and Mixed Media with Meshell Melvin
  3. Collage with Meshell Melvin
  4. Colour Mixing Magic with Meshell Melvin
  5. Drawing the Human Figure with Meshell Melvin
  6. Drawing with Meshell Melvin
  7. Printmaking – Collagraphs with Meshell Melvin
  8. Printmaking – Linocuts with Meshell Melvin
  9. Printmaking – Monoprints with Meshell Melvin
  10. Self Portraits with Meshell Melvin
  11. Strange Creatures with Meshell Melvin


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