Maryne Dumaine

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Maryne Dumaine is the cultural coordinator at École Émilie-Tremblay and Académie Parhélie. Prior to that she worked for 7 years as the project manager at the Arts and Culture Department of the Association Franco-Yukonnaise. Maryne has a master's degree in business and marketing and experience working with a variety of audiences. As a sailing instructor, she has a background in creating fun, engaging programming for youth. Maryne develops workshops that can be customized to the needs of the teacher and classroom. It can be used as a way to introduce students to french culture or it can be more oriented towards the teacher’s needs, such as politically engaged music, slam, etc. She also has a different approach with younger students (Pre-K) by introducing the concept of music discovery leading to a radio show.

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Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Découvertes de musique en Français with Maryne Dumaine


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