Mary Caesar

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Mary is a Kaska Dena from Liard First Nation. She has a fine arts diploma from Malaspina University College and has exhibited her work in several art exhibitions. Mary recently exhibited at the Nordamerika Native Art Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. Her interest in art started when Mary was a young girl at Lower Post Residential School. As a First Nations woman artist, Mary feels that it is her purpose to educate society and First Nations people about her experiences in the residential school system. She feels it is important for her to promote awareness of the social and political issues that affect First Nations people such as residential schools, violence and racism. Mary likes to create contemporary and traditional art that reflects the Kaska culture, the north and the Yukon landscape.

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Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Drawing and Painting Landscape with Mary Caesar
  2. Drawing and Painting Portraits with Mary Caesar
  3. Drawing and Painting with Mary Caesar


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