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The Blue Warblers - Kim Beggs and Natalie Edelson

The Blue Warblers is an old-timey musical Yukon duo consisting of Kim Beggs (vocals, guitar, skin and bone percussion), and Natalie Edelson (vocals, banjo). Their two vocally-driven, full-length recordings “Pretty Good” (2012) and “Birds” (2013)…

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The Artist in the School Program is designed to…

  • Support high quality, challenging and culturally diverse arts programming for young people by providing arts opportunities, exposure and resources for students, teachers and artists throughout the territory
  • Give Yukon school children the opportunity to learn to work with a variety of art forms and media and be inspired by respected and professional practicing artists.
  • Facilitate students’ access to a multidisciplinary range of dance, theatre, music, literary media and visual arts
  • Foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts